We had our meeting on Zoom. 
Recap from the April 26,2021 Club Meeting
Invocation:  Paul Fitzpatrick.
Happy News/Announcements: Mike Ruby was in Ankeny on Saturday for the Rotary District Conference and saw our speaker, Anthony Conn there.  Paul Fitzpatrick is going to St. Paul next weekend to watch a classmate of his get an honorary doctorate.  Kayla Bartling got married April 17 and honeymooned in Key West.  Frank Iliff is happy National Rebuilding Day, April 24 went well.  Rick Gosney wished our members with April birthdays - happy birthday.  
Club Business:  Welcome new member, Lindsey Phillips.  She will also be our new treasurer starting July 1st.  May 10th we will have our first in person hybrid meeting at the Rendezvous.  We have extra funds due to not having meal costs this last year.  Based on member survey we will be giving $3000 to both MCSA and the Community Foundation.  We will be holding back some of the funds for grant/community projects.    We will be helping with produce giveaway this may - more information to come.  
Program:  Our program was Anthony Conn (Rotary Club of Keokuk, IA) and Yogi Reppman (Rotary Club of Northfield, MN) - The Peace Pipe Letters.  In 1931, the Rotary Club of Keokuk, IA wrote letters to their Rotarian friends around the world in a series of over 500 letters. The letters represented a mutual understanding among people throughout the world.  We watched a wonderful slide show/presentation that had many images of the original letters sent between countries. www.peace-pipe-proposal.com  Anthony and Yogi invited our club to a conference in Northfield, MN in October - For more information www.peaceconference.us  Thank you 
Reminder:  Next week - May 3rd - Zoom meeting - program Carol Webb - Muscatine 101.  May 10th will be an in person meeting at the Rendezvous at noon - program will be Bret Olson - Muscatine Y.  This meeting will also be on Zoom.  
Have a great week!